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The Photo Expo 2010

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The Photography Program at Cypress College will be hosting its first ever Photo Expo on Friday April 9, 2010. This event will be held on campus and will feature a photography tradeshow and educational lectures. This expo will bring together a wide array of student, amateur, and professional photographers from Southern California and will showcase the work of renowned photographic artists. Our goal is to respond to the special interests and needs of our photography students and community.

The main emphasis of the festival will be the workshops, demonstrations, and to showcase photography classes offered at Cypress College. These events are free, open to students and the general public, and are suitable for all levels of expertise. The final event on Friday evening that will conclude the expo will feature a presentation from a Canon Explorer of Light Vincent Laforet.
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Cypress College

Cypress College has excellent facilities and is one of the best-equipped photography departments in the state. If you are considering a career in photography, you should examine the many advantages of the Cypress College Photography Department. We don’t expect you to know which field you want to pursue when you enroll, but we offer certificates and degrees which encompass a wide range of proficiencies.